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The Smirice Festival 17.03.2018 - 01.04.2018

Venue: Smirice

Smirice is a small town on the banks of the Elbe near Hradec Kralove (150 km from Prague). The original fort was rebuilt in the 15th century to the castle. The castle chapel The Lord Revelation was built in the beginning of the 18th century by the Sternberks according to Karl Dientzenhofer´s plans. The Easter music festival is held here from 2003.

About the Festival

The Smirice Festival takes place in Castle Chapel The Lord Revelation in the Smirice castle near Hradec Kralove. The Chapel is a jewel of baroque art and has wonderful acoustics.

Each year the festival is accompanied by an exhibition of creative art, this year from artist Mikuláš Cacara.


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Castle Chapel The Lord Revelation is the mystic place where the Smirice Festival takes place. The basic stone was laid down in 1699. The name of the architect of the chapel is unknown. Later most of researchers thought that the maker had been Jan Blažej Santini ( 1677-1723) or Kryštof Dienzenhofer (1655-1722). In fact this chapel is rare jewel belonging to the dynamic baroque.

Fortress Josefov is located at Jaromer. Fortress Josefov was founded in 1780 and was finished in 1787. Main purpose of the Fortress was to protect the northern border of the Austrian Empire against the Kingdom of Prussia. You can find out how was the tough life of the soldiers in the fortress, have an adventurous walk through the underground corridors.

kuks_-_hospital_-_letecka_fotografie_[798x800]Kuks is a vast Baroque complex of spa and hospital from the 17th and 18th centuries surrounded by masterpieces of European art – a sculptor Matthias Bernard Braun´s sculptures of Virtues and Vices.

Hradec Kralove is a metropolis of Eastern Bohemia with a rich long history that illustrate not only the architectural monuments. It ranks among the largest and most important cities in the Czech Republic.


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