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About the Project

What led to the creation of MusicTravel Czech Republic?

Although the Czech Republic is a small country nestled in the middle of Europe, there is nothing small about the many famous composers it has produced: Dvorak, Mahler, Janacek, Smetana and Fibich to name but a few.

Due to the rich musical heritage of the Czech Republic, a large variety of classical music festivals take place throughout any given year and thus lovers of classical music are well catered for. The music itself is not the only attraction, since the venues where the concerts are held are usually gems in their own right.
On our site, you can choose from any number of festivals depending on your taste.

To enjoy peace of mind and a hassle free musical adventure, FLY UNITED offers a comprehensive service package including accommodation, transfers, tours, excursions and other services related to attending festivals in the city.

If you happen to be in the Czech Republic when there are no festivals are taking place, please do not hesitate to contact us since our team at FLY UNITED have all the latest information at their finger tips and we can still help you find alternative musical concerts and other activities. FLY UNITED will ensure you spend a pleasant time in Prague based on your wishes and requirements.

In the section Packages, you can select and order a thematic programme which can be adjusted according to your wishes.

FLY UNITED has many years experience in the travel industry
and we can arrange the following services:


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