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of Broumov region 26.06.2021 - 28.09.2021

Venue: Broumov and baroque churches in the region


About the Festival

2021 sees the 16th Music Festival in baroque churches in Broumov region. Churches in Broumov region are architectural pearls set into the baroque landscape. Together, they give the festival a unique atmosphere.

The festival “Treasures of Broumov region” has 570 performers and 29 000 visitors during 10 years of existence and voluntary admissions in amount 1,400.000 Czech crowns contributed to the care of churches in Broumov region.


The festival programme 2021 can be found on-line here.


Tickets are not for sale. Admission is voluntary. Proceeds will be used to care for churches mentioned.

Official Website


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The Broumov Monastery Guided Tour of Baroque Pearl

klasterni_zahrada__v_broumove_[566x800]Visit to the unique interiors of the national cultural heritage will draw you into the atmosphere of the monastery, the circumstances of its development and life in it. When visiting the monastery, you will see beautifully decorated church of St. Adalbert, a unique copy of the Shroud of Turin or the monastery library.

Gallery House

Gallery House (Galerie Dům) is situated in middle of the monastery garden in Broumov. Visit exposition of modern art in rooms which are far from the traditional culture centres!

What to see around
  •  adrspassko-teplicke_skaly_-_chramova_stena_[800x619]Adrspach-Teplice rocks – the largest sandstone rock town of Czech Republic
  • The Stolowe Mountains – Polish National Park preserves unique rock masiv
  • Police nad Metuji – architecture of the town, monastery, Museum of paper models and Museum ofthe Construction Kit “Merkur”
  • Nachod – castle
  • Hronov – Birthplace of writer Alois Jirasek


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