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Several prominent Czech artists, whose artistic activity extends beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, have lent their patronage to our project MusicTravel.

Štefan Margita, opera singer

When I am abroad and I sing opera by Czech composers, a number of enthusiastic listeners come to me. There is immense admiration for Janacek and other Czech composers. They enjoy our song compositions and folklore but they are not familiar with the Czech Republic as a country. Now, whenever I meet members of an audience, I say: come to the Czech Republic, it is an amazing country full of culture and an incredibly rich musical heritage and tradition. You can attend not only my singing courses but also a great many concerts, attractions and events. The ”musical heart” of Europe is worth a visit!



Jaroslav Svěcený, violin virtuoso

The Czech Republic is full of tones and colours! Music festivals are held in beautiful and unequivocal historical sites that are worth visiting. Everything is in really close proximity, so from Prague, it takes only a few minutes to reach the Easter festival in the beautiful baroque chapel in Smirice, the spring Kocian´s festival in Usti nad Orlici or the summer cycle of concerts in the Klasterec nad Ohri castle, where you can attend my annual violin courses. As I am also a forensic expert with international operations in the field of stringed musical instruments, I also reveal the beautiful and mysterious history of Czech violin at concerts and exhibitions throughout Europe. Come and see me in Prague, and I will aquaint you with these gems!



Marek Štilec, conductor

Our country is full of wonderful sights, kind and welcoming nature but above all, its every corner resounds with beautiful music. We are the real power in the creation, interpretation and big names in music such as Antonin Dvorak, Bedrich Smetana, Gabriela Benackova, Stefan Margita or Magdalena Kozena. They are just as famous as the hockey player, Jaromir Jagr. Come to Prague to discover more about Franz Kafka, Max Brod, Milos Forman, visit Smetana´s Litomysl, Dvorak´s Pribram, Gustav Mahler´s Jihlava and dozens of other beautiful towns and sites rich in literature, music, tradition and contemporary times.



Sylvie Bodorová, composer

The Czech Republic has been incredibly lucky: although by size and population, it is a rather small country, its musical culture, monuments and nature can be compared with the largest. Since the eighteenth century, musicians such as Myslivecek, Rejcha, Kozeluh,Vranicky and Vanhal worked throughout Europe. And then there are names that respectfully resonate throughout today’s music world – Dvorak, Janacek, Smetana, Martinu, Suk, Nedbal or Fibich. Come and discover the places that Smetana so lovingly represented in his famous ”Vltava” (“The Moldau”) composition. Please visit My Country!